Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Afghan capturing plan is a path toward equality" said the Iranian islam

One of the thoughtful plans that the government of Iran now carrying out is the plan of arresting Afghans who came to Iran illegally and to deport them to thier land,Afghanistan.
This plan was started about 4 years ago,since the Ahmadenejad administration came into office, and started from big cities like Tehran but gradually continued in small suburbs where Afghans are living there in a misery situation.
At first it seems more like that it could not be feasible as the global community criticized about that,but it is the Islamic republic and a new method toward equality and they are determied about thier plan.
Moreover,this plan not only helped Iran to reduce the number of its immigrants,but also made up Afghan's mind to stay more serious,the reality is here that,this plan changed into a key opportunity for human smugglers and also Iranian police forces to catch more money;for example an afghan who arrested by Iran police forces, would be released only by paying an amount of money as ransom or even if the police deport this afghan,he will be returned only by paying 350 $ to a human smuggler.
"The afghans are like guests who are never planning to leave the home of the host" said Ahmadenejad ,the president of Iran.
But the question is here that, those afghans who born here in Iran and never see thier land,Afghanistan,are called illegal yet,while they seems to be more Iranian than of being Afghan.they can not speak a work of afghan,Dari, and and also joint to Iranian culture puposely or unpurposely .
They are intended to live in Iran than Afghanistan which the writer is not agree with them,but as we live in a world of democracy, we must respect to  all ideas.
I want you visitors to give this article a sum up,your opinion and what you think of this plan.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I wish I would be a child forever

When I was a child , I had a life full of everything and nothing , I did not care too much about things around me and life was limited to a 12 meters room which I lived there , everything was a just like a toy for me which I could play with , and my parents was a support for me who had never left me alone , I did not have any challenges in my mind , no …………

But it didn't take too much , soon I found my self into a world of inequality and injustice and the afghan label ,seems to be attached in my forehead, condemned me to be an afghan ,when I start learning in the primary school , I start to understand that what a great religion is Islam and what a shameful followers are Muslims ,my religious teachers taught me that Islam has no border ,Muslims are like brothers to each other ,no body is not superior to another and the only criteria of being superior is virtuousness but it seems that there is a big comparison between what Islam ordered us to do and what we Muslims are doing , I soon fall into a dilemma situation, I hated the moments in which the Iranian authorities had announced the Israel government as a terrorist while his Muslim basij militia ,the unknown soldiers of Imam Zaman, violated afghan dignity .

You are still crying for the innocence of Imam Hussein and his allies which martyred by Yazid dastardly, still go out into streets in Ashura to mourn for him. Still talking about the day of resurrection and your saved home which is near to Prophet Muhammad, and still feel sorry for those who are going to hell.

But you never feel the disturbed situation of an afghan in a crowded bus who is afraid of your insults that are bitter than poison , but still this afghan tries to break his dignity perhaps you may show your hospitable character and shout "go to you country damned afghan"
Still you can not feel the situation of a little afghan child who is forbidden of taking part into school just because of being afghan and still you can not feel the situation of a father who is deported while he has his family left in Iran.

Still you try hide your real character among the global community and still you deny what a shameful action committed by you in SAFID SANG refugee camp.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A nice dream which I hope come true

It is 3 P.M. I am in the airplane, the fly attendant announced that we are in the sky of Afghanistan and the plane will be landed within few moments……….

the plane has just landed ,I came out ,wow what a nice sunset ,it sounds too familiar for me the passengers all came out and we are waiting in a line to be checked, they are also many other afghans who was born like me years before in Iran, you can find easily how happy they are like walking in the sky ,the lady who is in charge of searching passports seems too kind , she asked my passport , after a few moment she said "welcome to Afghanistan" it is my first time to hear this , and she guided me to get my suitcase when I came down the escalator but I do not have any suitcase or better to say nothing important than an small bag ,they are many people who are waiting to get their suitcases, among them I can see a man around 40 who is paralyzed ;his hand is cut and he has 2 suitcase so I decided to help him ,he feels shy I do not know why ,but I got one of his suitcase , while walking I asked him about his hand , he said he was working in a factory in Iran and there he lost his hand while working ,in fact, as he described the cutting machine has cut his hand and then his boss expel him out because he is no more useful and will not come in handy and it is the reason that he came to his country.

In the airport they are plenty of people who are waiting for their relatives ,oh I can not see anybody around there who is waiting for me , I am alone here and now I find how hard is to be alone while everybody finds his/her own relative among the crowd.

But I am trying to keep my hope firm as I chanted inside;

"Yes you are in Afghanistan" I chanted with myself.

You are not a foreigner anymore ,here is your own land , no more threat, no more insult, no more racial discrimination, no more ……………..I am chanting all these while I am walking in the lobby ………….

My something sound wrong here there is sound who is calling me , it seems to be my mom's voice which is saying , Muhammad ,Wake up …………………………..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This is how I feel in Iran….

This is how I feel in Iran….
Here I am…
Stuck in a place I don’t want to be...
This is like a jail sell,
But much larger…
I can’t wait till I leave…
This place is killing me…
I just want to go home…
The devil has his hold…
I can’t escape his cold…
Can’t I just go home?
I am stuck here…
Feeling home sick…

Thursday, January 7, 2010

In support of afghan refugees

There is a deadline in newspapers that the officials of interior ministry announced again that the children of afghan refugees in Iran must not and can not be educated and take part in Iranian public schools. This agenda has issued under the agreement of Iran and united nation.

Apparently, the effects of this agenda have not been taken into consideration and it is only a faulty and ineffective solution for the current afghan problems in Iran.

And about this there are a few points:

1-for a large country like Iran with a population of more than seventy million people ,presence of less than two million foreigners that about 1.5 million of them are afghan nationals ,not only does not have any harm but also if we look into the following events in these last decades in the field of labor ,could be useful. To explain more it must be note that those who are in touch with the construction and agricultural workers including the brickworks, drilled wells ,anima husbandry, simple workers and etc , know that they will face with lack of Iranian national workers, therefore the expelling of foreign workers under the pretext of they occupied employment vacancies of the Iranian ,nor could be useful neither feasible, because the jobless Iranians are mostly are those who are not willing to do such a back-breaking jobs and it seems that if they had been interested in doing these jobs ,they would do it before . Does all this Diploma and Bachelor degree holders, who are jobless, are wiling to work in the deserts and villages, furnace burner homes, animal husbandry homes ,poultry farming ,in depth of wells ….?

2-as the foreign nationals in any country are in the minority and in Iran, we have Afghans who are of immigrant minorities, their low crimes are deeply conspicuous and soon will be published in mass Medias and it brings a big hate of Iranians toward Afghans than any other crimes. It is crystal clear that crime of foreigners is not acceptable for the host country, therefore the if the officials who have the statistics of crimes which committed by afghan nationals, compare it with the Iranian crime rates and present it, it could be predicted that ration of afghan crimes are very small than the ratio of Iranian one.

3-suppose that the authorities do not accept or accept the two cases above but finally based on a expert ional framework, they could understand that the situation of Afghanistan is good enough that its nationals from all over the world including Iran would come back to their country, and would be shared in construction of their country and it is a help to our neighborhood country and Muslims who today have a independent and powerful central government and supported by the global community. Therefore the reason of expelling afghans is to develop their country and the only aim is to help Afghanistan if so ,we should change the method of expelling them ,we should not use "force" to do this.

we opened the border of Iran to support the Muslim state of Afghanistan who were dominated by the soviets union, and they came and found job, and they showed their sense of responsibility to our works , married by the Iranian girls ,produced children and treated kindly ,but when US occupied their country and manufacturing has stopped ,we worked hard to and tried to dismiss them, while if the manufacturing and industry in Afghanistan had not been stopped , there would be no reason that afghans who are dismissed came back again.

4-the writer of this article like many other Iranians would not be satisfied when a number of non-Iranian live illegally in our suburbs and villages while they are serviced without paying any tax or charges ,therefore we could easily legislate some rules and run it that could help afghans to enter to Iran legally and in return to the services that we offer them they could pay something like taxes ,but also this would cause some tensions over the laboring system.

5-in any case they are many afghans who are living and working illegally in Iran and forms many families, and the government is trying to expel them under any sorts of condition, Is this fair that in this situation their families especially their children be under pressure .The reality is that the situation of afghan's life in metropolitans and also in small cities ,are regretful. But even in such a difficult situation, they have many intelligent and smart children and if the situation gone as their wishes, many of them could reach to high and advanced levels, as the children of many political figures of Afghanistan who were allowed to educate in Iran, reached many great levels and today they are served to their country.

6-preventing from education of afghan children, that could be result in lagging behind of many talented-Muslims from educating, has many bad effects. Does preventing afghan children from education could force Afghans to back to their land?

Is it fair to punish the child of a father who committed a crime? Do afghan children who have not any role to be in Iran or to come back must be forbidden from education?

7-suppose that thanks to this plan that forbids afghan children to study, we could expel all of them from Iran. Do you know that in a short future, like 20 years later, what kind of problems they wouldl make to their neighborhood country, Iran, because of all obstacles which we made for them? Don't these Afghans were our countrymen 130 years ago? Don't we have similar history? Don't many of these great figures of art and culture of Iran were originally afghan? So , why we are willing to expel these Farsi-spoken Afghans while it could cause that they hate us. Can we forbid those individuals who are in love with education, to educate and force them to accept that there are friendships and concord among us? Is this mean Islamic solidarity? I hope that the official reconsider their decision.

Written by: Mustsfa Ezade                                          Translated by:Muhammad

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Differences between you and me!!!!

You are from Iran and I am from Afghanistan.

You were born with lots of different toys and have a room of yourself and your walls are printed by nice photos.

I was born as I could hear the sound of my parent's hearts which were worried about my future .

You open your eyes while your parents are smiling and you were sure that you have someone who care about you and never going to be captured by Basij.

I open my eyes while my father was captured by the militia group, Basij, just for being afghan, and my mom feel cut off from any support just god.

You passed your childhood period with the presence of your parents.

I passed my childhood period while my dad was deported to Afghanistan as we are alone and illegal here.

When you got 7, you were supported by your parents and government to take part in public school.

When I got 7, I was forced to do manual works because my father has just backed and we were in a heavy debt.

You go to school at 8 A.M when you got up in the morning when you are all rested and ready to learn.

I go to a secret-school at 8 P.M when I finish my work and too tired.

You are welcomed by milk and enriched bread at your school.

I am welcomed by the threat of police officers who want to close down my school.

You walk to school while your head is up and carry your backpack.

I walk worried and look carefully whether any police or labor-ministry staffs are following me or not, as my principal cautioned us.

Your school is supported by law and government and called legal school.

My school, my teachers and my principal is wanted by law and government and called illegal school ,teachers and principal and the only crime that they committed is that they are heading and teaching us and our school called secret school.

Your school has a big billboard which is written the name of your school in it, many big classes and benches to sit and a big soccer salon and a prayer hall which has many religious programs in holy days.

My school has a small white door which you can not understand it is a school, it has 3 small rooms which we learned to call it class, instead of bench we sit on short-napped carpets which has many holes in it.

You are about 20 in your class and a teacher who passed university degrees, you have some special rooms which you called it laboratory.

We are about 50 in our class and a teacher who has just passed high school and we have a special room which we can hide into when police officer came to close down it.

You are called a first class citizen in your country and could go everywhere in your holidays.

I am called an illegal immigrant in your country and must stay home in holidays as we are ILLEGALL.

But do we have any similarity??????????????????????